El mundo de Athena Asamiya Ishida

¡Nuevo comienzo!, tendré que estrenarme como dibujante y escritora.
Soy yucateca y orgullosamente mexicana, tengo 25 años y puedo hablar español e inglés. No duden en preguntarme ^^

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0% understand this show 

Están llevando muy lejos el cambio de género jaja

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A+ Sora Moments

La última fue el colmo…

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this movie was way too heavy for its intended age group

it’s actually really perfect for all ages because when kids learn this stuff early in life it stays with them 

Eso es verdad y somos responsables de ellas, a Dios le importamos pero la tentación es una lucha constante.

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Disney Princess Movies before and after name changes.

"how can we improve these titles?"

"… adjectives

Jaja Sabía que los títulos fueron elegidos por algo.

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Is this Man of Steel 2?
[Superman Secret Files and Origins 2005]

Quién es la que los calma jaja


Is this Man of Steel 2?

[Superman Secret Files and Origins 2005]

Quién es la que los calma jaja

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Se ven maravillosas con efecto de luces de neón.

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Sailor moon, en manga y anime.

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Before bloom & once bloomed

hoya bella - Shooting Star

Me impresionaron ^^

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Im so tired of all you who say that pewdiepie is a whining baby, or only cares about his money, and NOT his fans, you can suck it up. Because Felix cares. Maybe he sucks at being funny sometimes, but he really does care.

I know where you’re coming from friend. That seems to be a comon misconception about youtubers that can make a living with their channels, that a certain point we stop caring about fans and only care about money. But I’d imagine that Pewdiepie would have the same mentality and everyone else I’ve spoken too. If we make the leap and put faith in fans so we can be able to live off our channels, That’s something that we’re eternally grateful for allowing us that opportunity and we’d do anything to keep those fans happy and entertained first and foremost. We care about them because they care about us.

sdhwdjdty tota la broarmy lloro conesto¡¡¡ -llora- diablos clem¡¡¡¡ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dushk hermano , nescesito un abrazo TT.TT

O pequeño hermano ven a mis brazos-le hace refugio con ellos- llora todo lo que quieras beibe

-llora como lloro con Ken , con cry , y otros youtubers , pero mas con Felix- waaaaaaa TTwTT-se refugia en el pecho de su hermano mayor-

Eso explica porque la niña se quedo sola… Dios, estás situaciones te ponen mal…

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Kai x Rei girl   

A drawing that I made sinde 2010 or I believe… I love this couple and I have a of lot much fanarts about Rei Kon female and Kai x Rei girl too.